Gas detection and gas discharge

More safety in mines through gas detection.


The TECBERG tecom division belonging to SIEMAG TECBERG Australia has developed an automatic system for analysing flammable gases. TAFGAS is a process control and monitoring system that serves to check and indicate potentially hazardous gas concentrations in mines (energy resources).

Concentrations of different gases are measured at selected points in the mine at regular intervals and compared with the action levels. If a gas concentration exceeds the set alarm level, an acoustic alarm is set off to draw the attention of the mining personnel to the presence of a potentially hazardous situation. The gas concentration measurements are also recorded by a computer to enable historical trends and more precise analyses.

TAFGAS is able to measure concentrations of carbon monoxide, methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen at each of the movable sampling points in the mine. Plastic hoses that are clustered together in bundles enable air samples to be conducted to the surface, where TAFGAS measures the gas concentrations.

The TAFGAS gas detection system consists of two main components: an SPS and an IBM-compatible PC that runs under MS Windows. The SPS controls the pipe cluster system direct. The SPS software controls the selection of sampling pipes, monitors the gas analysers and generates alarms on the basis of the concentration of underground gases and the status of the monitoring devices.

Further system components of TAFGAS

Analysing stations, pump stands, calibration gas control assembly and bottle holder, analyser panel with sampling system (filtration, sample gas cooler, flow regulation components, etc.), calibration gas changeover valves, sampling panel with bag inlet and outlet, sampling and flushing pump vacuum monitoring system, measuring point selection panels (measuring point magnets, filters, flame arresters, etc.).

GASVAC gas extraction and discharge system

Energy resources are extracted in huge quantities worldwide. Like mining everywhere, this is not free from unique health and safety risks either. It is generally known that often a large number of pit gases, such as methane, are released during the extraction of energy resources under ground.

The TECBERG tecom GASVAC system is a site-specific, tailored gas extraction or discharge system that enables these unwanted gases to be effectively extracted or discharged. Our GASVAC gas extraction system is a specially constructed mobile unit mounted either on a trailer or on a sled to ensure maximum flexibility and to enable the customer to move the system to suit the specific operating requirements of the site.

GASVAC systems are designed to meet the strictest standard guidelines and site requirements. TECOM was one of the pioneers of gas discharge systems in Australia. We find the right solution to the individual needs of our customers. The system is laid out according to requirement in performance ratings of 1,000 I/s = 3,600 m³/h; 2,000 I/s = 7,200 m³/s or 3,000 I/s = 10,800 m³/s.

Considering pit gas as a resource!

Pit gas that is extracted from the seam direct or from the production areas of a mine can be handled or further-processed in at least four different ways:

  • As fuel for natural-gas-powered electricity generators that supply the mine or the power grid with electricity
  • Compression to liquid natural gas and sale on the free market
  • Burning-off to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Release of gas into the atmosphere (not recommended)

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